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I’ve mentioned to many of you my daughter Karina has been working on a book.   While attending U.C. Davis and earning her B.S. in Biochemical Engineering, she attended Holy Rosary and was married in our Church.  As a millennial, she is active in the new media and is a defender of the Faith.  I would recommend you read her writings and observations found on the left had side of our council website to gain an appreciation of her insights and views. Her appreciation of religious art, history and catechism led her from a scientific engineering background to the Illustrated Rosary book series.  Below she explains her new book series and reflects on how a former parishioner of the Holy Rosary Parish ends up writing a book on the Holy Rosary…


My name is Karina Tabone and I’m the author of the new book series called “Illustrated Rosary.”  The book is designed so that children go through the Rosary, prayer by prayer, with each prayer illustrated with gorgeous classic religious artwork that comes from our rich heritage of faith. It’s a book that is simple enough for the smallest children, such as my own, and yet it can be used for older children and adults as well, as most of the pictures have rich layers of symbolism which can be meditated on and can help deepen a love of our Catholic faith!

The first book, which is about the Joyful Mysteries, is due to be released this year in November, while the rest of the books are planned for next year! Here are some screenshots of several pages from The Joyful Mysteries book that I’ve put on my website, Illustrated Prayer:

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Karina Tabone
Illustrated Prayer