Last Mass at Holy Rosery on January 30, 2022

Our hope and dream was to sell our Holy Rosary Church Property so we could build a new, larger Church. Then after many years, it happened. The last Mass at Holy Rosary Church was conducted on January 30, 2022. What follows is from a flyer that was provided at the last Mass.


This weekend we say farewell to the church building that our Parish has worshipped in since 1949. Those of us who have practiced our Catholic faith in this church for years have many wonderful memories. We have been present, not only for Masses, but also for weddings, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, confessions, Quinceaneras, and funerals. We all have experienced much joy and blessings as well as the sadness at saying goodbye to our loved ones during these occasions. That is also true for our times in Tumulty Hall which has been our Parish Hall since 1929. Over the years, Tumulty Hall has held many breakfasts, dinners, and gatherings and has been where we prepared tacos to be sold at the Yolo County Fair. It has also served as the site where our Food Pantry stores the food that is served to those in need.

Our Parish priests will soon be moving out of the Rectory where priests have lived since 1964. It too holds many wonderful memories, not only for our devoted priests, but also for those in our Parish who have attended meetings and dinners in the Rectory. We also say goodbye to the small meeting building behind the Rectory where there have been many meetings and choir practices over the years. It has been an important part of our Parish for so many years.

We are very grateful to our buyers who have graciously given our Parish extra time to move out of our church building, Tumulty Hall, the Rectory, and the small meeting room. Not only have these buyers provided exceptional financial assistance in our quest to build our new church, but they have also been very accommodating in establishing a generous timetable for us to move out of our buildings.

As sad as our departing from our 1949 church building, Tumulty Hall, the Rectory, and the small meeting building is, we move onward with eager anticipation to our future. Father Jonathan and Parish leadership have been meeting for several years to prepare for our Parish’s next steps. For the immediate future, we will be holding Masses in our Parish Community Center. Dinners, taco preparation, gatherings, and all the other events held in the past at Tumulty Flail will now be held in the Parish Community Center. Our priests will be moving in February to a residence west of Woodland for the time it will take to locate a new Rectory. This temporary residence for our priests is kindly being provided by one of our Parish families and is donated at no cost to the Parish except for the cost of utilities. Our Food Pantry is in the process of moving to the old Yuba College building on California Street which we are now designating as the Parish Annex.

The planning for our new church building is underway. Parish leadership recently received very encouraging support from the Diocese regarding the building of a new church. Our Parish has requested proposals from Diocesan approved businesses that assist in developing a financial approach to paying for the new church . We will also be setting up meetings with our Parish family to discuss the design of the new church and to explore ways to enhance how we all may best serve our Lord and His Holy Virgin Mother with our time, talent, and treasure. Parish leadership will endeavor to keep you all informed as we proceed toward the building of a new church. Our goal is to break ground on the new church building sometime next year. Once built, all our Parish facilities will be located on California Street with the possible exception of our Rectory .

Father Jonathan and Father Ed ask for your prayers for the guidance and support of our Lord and our Lady of the Holy Rosary as we undertake these next steps to build our new worship center.